About Us

ROJANI FACILITIES MANAGEMENT, LLC, is a service-based company, Member of the BBB, Accredited Business, MBE, DBE & LDBE Certified, specializing in all types window cleaning and servicing. We are a versatile company serving the commercial and residential high-rise, mid-rise, and storefront markets.

ROJANI FACILITIES MANAGEMENT, LLC is owned and operated by Neftali Flores who has been in the window cleaning business for over 15 years. Neftali first entered the service world of window cleaning in 1993 as a Window Washer. His window cleaning skills made him succeed and he decided to start his own company. Mr. Flores is now founder and CEO of Rojani Facilities Management, LLC and is leading the division of window cleaning, being a member of IWCA, (International Window Cleaning Association). Doing quality work and practicing safety, Mr. Flores makes the difference because he was a window washer, and now working as an executive, he uses his knowledge to give the best service to his costumers.

ROJANI FACILITIES MANAGEMENT, LLC’s Motto – a reasonable price with our client’s satisfaction as our end goal.



Neftali Flores

Before as a worker

Neftali Flores

After as CEO


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